Software Tasks Made Simple

SoftyPM is a simple project management tool, user friendly and without all the bloat. It's meant to help mortals understand software projects! And for now it's totally free :)

Why softyPM?

SoftyPM was designed by Tim Norton, with over $500k spent hiring freelancers as a Client,
and experience as an Agency owner on Upwork, and a Freelancer. Upwork doesn't have
built in project management, while it should. So Tim built softyPM to fill that void.

Create Projects

Create a project you want to add stories to. Includes unlimited projects.

Add Stories

Stories are a unit of work, in software development. Add what needs to be done.

Prioritize, Estimate, and Work!

Edit the story, adding more information for your freelancer, and get to work!

Who Is softyPM For?

For Freelance Coders

If you are a freelance software developer, softyPM was designed for you. You can use it to manage the work for your clients, and provide them with a simple way to view and even interact with the work.

We personally have made a full-time income from freelance software development. So we understand it from the inside!

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For Clients

If you hire freelance coders on Upwork or similar platforms, you can use SoftyPM to keep your freelancer accountable and make sure your requests don't get lost.

We personally spent $500k in (our company's) money hiring freelancers on Upwork. So we know the pain points!

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For Agencies

Software development agencies can use softyPM to manage different development projects and keep them on track.

And yes we own a software agency on Upwork, and we know what's lacking in Upwork's platform!

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